Why internet trolls mindlessly repeat . . . .

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by Neil Godfrey

They’re merely trying to use the debate to show that they and their positions are superior.

Oh yes. And it explains why they resort to insult and ridicule when called upon to engage in a defence of their claims.

Oftentimes, she said, people aren’t really having a discussion when they argue about politics. They’re merely trying to use the debate to show that they and their positions are superior.

“An effective piece of rhetorical persuasion usually happens when people are trying to honestly resolve a conflict, otherwise, all you’re doing is just fighting—which we see all too easily in our society,” Matelli explained.

At this point, in her view, it might make the most sense to simply end the argument — instead of letting it devolve into insults and competing slogans.

H/T Alternet: A rhetoric professor explains why internet trolls mindlessly repeat ridiculous right-wing slogans


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2 thoughts on “Why internet trolls mindlessly repeat . . . .”

  1. As far I understand (I am not USA citizen) people in USA do have a problem with the left wing rhetoric (like the rest of us).

    The rhetoric goes like this : “There are no illegal immigrants but only immigrants.” , “right wing is destined to become far right.” and “far right people are stupid and uneducated.”

    This rhetoric is used to attack anyone who oppose illegal immigration.
    In reality they start their argument with a strategy to insult, they are doing exactly what Matelli is saying about the right wing.

    This strategy is clear in Matelli’s argument, even thought she is rhetoric professor, she cannot accept the rhetorical argument “why people who are favorable to immigration don’t themselves host immigrants in their own houses.” by saying that “”It’s a fake premise,” “They are asking questions about a context that doesn’t exist.””, the trick is that by removing the word illegal from the argument she is presenting the people who are against illegal migration as her far right wing uneducated citizens who are shooting slogans.

    Another left wing slogan is “No Human Being is Illegal” (Elie Wiesel) it was used to erase the word illegal from the illegal immigrants. Now all are just immigrants.
    This left wing slogan is ridiculous and laughable but it won.
    And of course “No Human Being is Illegal” is true, but there are humans with illegal identities and in this case the identity of an immigrant.

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