Did Jesus Exist? (Ehrman) – Reviews

Here is a list of reviews and discussions of Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist? on Vridar.

By Others

Earl Doherty’s Responses to Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist?

Hermann Detering’s Review of Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist? Pdf file — or in three posts …

Thomas Brodie’s Review of Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist? 

Thomas L. Thompson’s Response to Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist?

Richard Carrier’s Review of Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist?

Ken Humphreys’ Review of Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist?

Jerry Coyne’s Comments on Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist?

René Salm’s Preliminary Response to Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist?

Michael Turton’s Review of Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist?

Narve Strand’s Review of Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist?

My own posts

Bart Ehrman’s false or careless assertions and quotations concerning Earl Doherty 2012-03-26

Another Bart Ehrman mis-reading of Earl Doherty’s book 2012-03-29

Earl Doherty’s comments on my posts about Ehrman’s treatment of his book2012-03-29

Ehrman hides the facts about Doherty’s argument: Part 1 2012-03-30

Ehrman suppresses the facts while falsely accusing Doherty: Part 2 2012-03-30

Devious Doherty or Erring Ehrman? 2012-03-31

Ehrman’s Most Bizarre Criticism Of All Against Doherty 2012-04-02

Did Bart Ehrman Not Even Read the Cover of Earl Doherty’s Book? 2012-04-03

Ehrman explains: Doherty could be right after all 2012-04-06

Ehrman’s and Doherty’s Arguments: Spot the Difference 2012-04-06

Scholarly Fallacy of the Week: Bart Ehrman’s False Dichotomy 2012-04-19

Fight Club! Historical Jesus Scholars Take On the Christ Mythicists! 2012-04-25

The Facts of the Matter: Carrier 9, Ehrman 1 (my review, part 2) 2012-04-28

How could Ehrman possibly have read the books he cites? 2012-04-28

When Is Paul’s Silence Golden? 2012-06-11

Scholarly Consensus in Biblical Studies — Does It Mean Anything? 2012-07-30

Goodacre-Carrier Debate: What if . . . . ? 2012-12-23

Book Review: Bart Ehrman and the Quest of the Historical Jesus of Nazareth — Reviewing the review 2013-05-04

Bart Ehrman and another unprofessional blow at mythicism 2013-05-13

Multiple Sources or a Single Source? Two Views 2019-04-27

By Tim Widowfield

The Ehrman Debacle and Our “Post-Truth” World 2012-04-04

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Does anyone know Ehrman’s source for this?

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