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Tim Widowfield

Tim is an RV Park host who lives with his wife and multiple cats in a 20-year-old motor home. To read more about Tim, see our About page.

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  • flumoxed
    2017-02-27 20:52:24 GMT+0000 - 20:52 | Permalink

    I have not been receiving new post notifications recently.

    • Neil Godfrey
      2017-02-27 21:16:15 GMT+0000 - 21:16 | Permalink

      Sigh! Tim’s away at the moment but will contact him and ask him to check again….

      Thanks for letting us know.

      • Tim Widowfield
        2017-03-01 19:04:00 GMT+0000 - 19:04 | Permalink

        I’ve rechecked our JetPack connection, and everything looks correct. Still investigating.

  • junego
    2017-03-02 03:54:59 GMT+0000 - 03:54 | Permalink

    I’ve been getting very sporadic notifications for a while, too (sorry don’t recall exactly when it started, just noticed it about 6 weeks ago.) I will get a notice, click to read the article and find that there have been 5-10 posts that I didn’t get a notice about.

    I’m not sure how to check my subscription.

    • junego
      2017-03-02 04:01:39 GMT+0000 - 04:01 | Permalink

      Just noticed that I received a notice about the “Forgery” article, but didn’t get one for the new post by Tim about Paul!

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