Looks like it’s about to get messy….

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by Neil Godfrey

Within 24 hours of losing the House . . .

Strike One….


Strike Two….


Strike Three….

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4 thoughts on “Looks like it’s about to get messy….”

  1. Acosta was being a rude, uncuth dolt. Pres Trump had alredy ansr’d his q. Acosta wants a debate. he karate chopt the wuman. He’s suppost t ask questions not debate. why vridars left wing?

    1. Maybe so, but even if you think Acosta was guilty of those things we are left with Trump using a trumped up charge to remove him from the WH. Trump is in a position to handle a “rude” reporter, and would do democracy a service by responding to justify himself. He does democracy no service by resorting to a false excuse to exclude from the room the “rude” challenge.

    2. If the WH even believed the “karate chop” narrative, why resort to a video doctored to make it look like one? Seems that they need it to be the case so that screening him for “rudeness” seems less flimsy.

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