New Archive for Testimonium Flavianum, the Jesus in Josephus passage

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by Neil Godfrey


I have collated 21 Vridar posts on the Testimonium Flavianum into a single page of annotated links. See the ARCHIVES by TOPIC, Annotated in the right margin. Look under Pages.

Or jump straight to Jesus in Josephus: Testimonium Flavianum to see the annotated list.



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2 thoughts on “New Archive for Testimonium Flavianum, the Jesus in Josephus passage”

    1. That’s a shorter version of Grabbe’s 2012 chapter in “Is This Not the Carpenter?” We addressed his points back then: https://vridar.org/2012/08/21/is-this-not-the-carpenter-references-to-jesus-outside-the-christian-sources/ They must be hard up for new material at that site.

      I don’t think I’ve seen anyone say anything new about the non-Christian sources for Jesus since what I read in books published in the nineteenth century. As far as I am aware none of them addresses the questions that expose the weaknesses and fallacies in what are, in effect, apologetic rationalizations. Compare — or rather contrast — the methods as set out by other (non-biblical) historians (e.g. M.I. Finley).

      (Notice the word “attest”, too — Yes. In Tacitus we read a passage that “attests” …. that’s actually a long shot from “establishes”.)

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