And inspiring news from another Muslim nation

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by Neil Godfrey

Since a good number of Westerners have been led to fear Muslims as a whole partly because of the publicizing of violent events in Bangladesh, it is worth drawing attention to the actions of the overwhelming majority of an even larger Muslim nation.

Courageous Pakistani Muslims have been defiantly standing up against the murderous Taliban terrorists, risking their lives for the sake of democratic institutions and voting in democratic elections in their country.

About half of the 70,000 polling stations have been declared at risk of attack from Taliban who have warned Pakistanis to boycott the election. It hasn’t stopped voters from turning out to support the democratic process.

Read the news article from Michael Edwards and watch the video interview. It’s inspiring and encouraging news.

Pakistanis brave Taliban threats to cast their votes

It supports the point of my recent post, Is Islam Compatible With Democracy? and underscores the local political and historical circumstances that have been responsible for the violent events in Bangladesh. Since that post Bangladesh has experienced one of the worst industrial accidents in history with the deaths of over 1000 factory workers making cheap garments for Western fashion and clothing companies, and that’s surely another bag-full of straw being piled on to an already burdened nation.

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3 thoughts on “And inspiring news from another Muslim nation”

  1. People of Pakistan—-whatever else might be speculated upon, one indisputable fact is that they are human beings and no human being will reject the liberty of pursuing happiness for themselves, their families and the future……….

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