Indigenous India-Australia Ties

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by Neil Godfrey

Australia and India were once connected via land, both part of Gondwanaland, a supercontinent that existed until about 180 million years ago. There is some evidence of ancient links between Australia and India – a 1999 study asserts a maternal genetic connection between the two countries, and a 2013 study of Indigenous Australian DNA suggests there might have been migration from India about 4000 years ago. Even disbelievers cannot fail to notice some pockets of similarity, such as the resemblance between India’s Gond art and Indigenous dot painting, or that dingoes look uncannily like Indian street dogs. — Aarti Betigeri


From Gond Pradhans and their Art
Indian pariah dog

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3 thoughts on “Indigenous India-Australia Ties”

  1. “Australia and India were once connected…until about 180 million years ago.”

    “there might have been migration from India about 4000 years ago.”

    I guess I’m being a little critical of arguments. But these two items have nothing to do with each other – at least in supporting an argument.

  2. I am an ethnic Indian born & raised in Malaysia. Many years ago I visited Melbourne and happened to come across an indigenous person at the weekend Victoria market. What stood out was the uncanny similarities to the people of south India, like my self, in the facial features. He told me his people came from WA. Later I came across articles where the migration of humanity from east Africa is said to have gone through south India.

    1. That’s what I heard from the interviewer of Aarti Betigeri on Late Night Live. Philip Adams said that when he visited southern India that it was “painfully obvious that something had happened” when he noticed the similarities of the people there with Australian indigenous peoples. I am really long overdue for catching up with all the latest finds on human evolution and migrations. I also have heard it suggested that there was a split in a particular group so that one branch eventually moved to Australia while another branch went in a totally opposite direction and people in some parts of Wales and nearby share some of the same “craggy” features as we find here. Sadly India is one place I have never visited but I really do hope to do so before much longer.

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