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by Neil Godfrey

Some videos (each one only a few minutes long) that readers have alerted me to . . .

  • A series on the Jesus myth theory by “Truth Surge”: I’ve watched a few and those were very sound and informative. The first one of the series is

Mrs Betty Bowers, “America’s Best Christian”




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4 thoughts on “Teach and Delight”

  1. Thanks Neil for giving press to Truth Surge who has opened my eyes to the credibility of the Jesus myth view. He’s not perfect in manners, knowledge or style and admits it, making for an attractive mood. In his own way I think he’s humble and personable. When I’ve looked for new material from him on Christianity the results are mostly rock guitar performances. I myself am a novice guitarist and bass player and can tell you that he is very good at that too. My criticism of Truth Surge is his lack of empathy with fundamental Christians – he can be scathing at times, though mostly he comes across as a gentleman and a scholarly debater. Like you Neil, he’s someone I’d love to meet in person in Sydney or elsewhere.

  2. Truth Surge gives credit to Earl Doherty in some of the videos. Is he just repeating Earl? I’m familiar with Jesus being killed at the beginning of the world and I read one of Doherty’s books but is this one of Earl’s conclusions about Jesus and the crucifixion (can’t remember)? Also, Truth Surge reminds me of a preacher the way he delivers his message.

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