Plea for Patience

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by Neil Godfrey

No doubt readers of Vridar are the most patient in the world but nonetheless I would like to say that I fully realize I am some quite few days behind catching up with comments and emails. Be sure I will do my best to respond before too long.

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4 thoughts on “Plea for Patience”

  1. Neil

    In my career as a freelance writer + editor, I learned to say the following to prospective clients:

    You can have it fast and good.

    You can have it fast and cheap.

    You can have it cheap and good.

    BUT . . . you can’t have all three.

    [no, this wasn’t my brilliant creation — I stole it from someone or other]

    Those who couldn’t hear the message were politely informed that I would not take the job.

    For Vridar, the translation is: It’s awfully GREAT. The price is really, really reasonable.

    SO: Please take your time!

  2. No no no. I have so much, so very much more I want to study and share here and time is getting shorter every day. And there is so much to do (not just blogging, either, of course) — I hate losing time in any of the things I want to get done. “Taking all the time in the world” is not an option for me. (I guess I’m the impatient one.)

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