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by Neil Godfrey

This blog has grown in numbers of posts and topics like wild weeds all over the place and is long overdue for a some serious organization. The Categories and Tags have been unwieldy, untidy, inconsistent, and I hope to maintain the energy with Tim’s help to tidy everything up. So expect changes and probably in the short term (not too many months, hopefully) even more inconsistency and chaos as we try to restore weeds and desert into a Garden of Eden.

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6 thoughts on “Vridar Maintenance”

  1. With regard to maintenance…
    the following appears just above the “Comments” in the 2019-02-10 Vridar Maintenance and other posts…

    “« The Problem of the Reconstruction of the Life, Deeds, Words of JesusHistorians on the Most Basic Laws of Historical Evidence »”

    1. Do the two post titles appear to be joined together with no space? If that is what you are seeing the reason is probably because of your screen setting — the titles move apart or closer according to different settings. Or have I misunderstood?

  2. You guys are doing amazing work – you write articles faster than I can digest them …

    I have a suggestion, but I’m not sure how it will work in a blog type website.
    That is to use a scrollable, clickable map – like a tree diagram, with hoverover for details – at each juncture an article link is given. And from each article a logical string can be followed dentritically towards the trunk or the twigs, by branching order … Then internal cross-linking can also be followed using a different coloured broken line with a link that takes one back to main article.

    It appears there are articles that are referential and core – the former explain the historical apparatus and tools and the latter deal with the unravelling story/history using those tools. Then there are rebuttal/ dialectic articles, which could be separately grouped and then interlinked too.

    No small task.

    1. No small task indeed. I have been toying with setting out organized topics on a web page with links, too. I’ll draw attention of your suggestion to Tim.

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