Interview with Robert M. Price

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by Neil Godfrey

Today on Ed Brayton’s blog, Dispatches from the Culture Wars (Thoughts from the Interface of science, religion, law and culture), there is “a guest post by Kile Jones, a grad student at Claremont School of Theology, creator of the Claremont Journal of Religion” interviewing Robert Price:

In this interview I got to ask Dr. Robert Price (a.k.a. “The Bible Geek”) some questions about his life and how religion and the Bible played a part in it. His new book, “The Human Bible New Testament” should be available on Amazon shortly.

Here is a link to the interview.



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  • Giuseppe
    2015-01-15 07:21:52 UTC - 07:21 | Permalink

    But I guess the most important piece of wisdom, which I have lived by, is Proverbs 15:1, “A soft answer turneth away wrath.” I try to get along with everybody. I hate to give needless offense, irritation, friction. Of course, if my opinions and theories rile them up, that’s different. Even then I try not to let it get personal. I have become friends with several of the Christian apologists I have debated.

    I frankly do not take it to be so wise and kind as Price! Every time I discussed about mythicism with Christian apologists have always ended with mutual insults. This is stronger than me.

  • Geoff
    2015-01-18 03:48:06 UTC - 03:48 | Permalink

    Price cites Barr’s Escaping from Fundamentalism as a major influence. That same book also set me on this path of Bible inquiry.

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