The Old Vridar Rises Again

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by Neil Godfrey

Hi Everyone,

The original Vridar site has now been restored by WordPress.com minus one controversial post. I have disabled comments on that legacy site, though, since Vridar.org (the site y0u are reading now) will be the active one from now on.

The Vridar blog was deactivated by its hosting company, WordPress.com, in response to my reactivation of a post that I did not realize had been taken down as a result of a reader’s complaint.

I have since issued a counter-claim and WordPress.com has responded by contacting me to say they have reinstated the original blog minus the post in dispute. That post will remain inactive pending a further response from the claimant within 14 days.

We have Tim to thank for getting up this new site for Vridar so quickly.


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2 thoughts on “The Old Vridar Rises Again”

  1. You missed all the fun!

    The post that started the whole kerfuffle — that prompted our dearly beloved brother in the Lord Joel Watts to issue a perjured DCMA request to WordPress.com to require it to be removed — that led to the shutting down of Vridar, is The Laziness and Incompetence of Yet Another Biblical Scholar (26th June 2013).

    And all the fun that followed . . . .

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