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by Neil Godfrey

I would like anyone who has produced a blogpost or knows of a blogpost discussing what has happened to the Vridar blog to drop a comment and link, here, please. Also — any online discussions maybe.

I have left comments on a couple I chanced upon and would like to reestablish contact with those (and I do apologize — last few days have been a bit chaotic and I haven’t kept records to recall who I have visited recently). We’ve lost all our old blog links and subscriber lists as far as I can tell and need to reestablish these from scratch. I’d also like to offer personal thanks to any blogger who has commented on this fiasco and perhaps give an explanation on any blog that has been misinformed about the facts.

Cheers and many thanks,


Here’s one I came upon a few moments ago. I’m sure there are a couple more somewhere (including another I commented on recently) . . .


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Here’s the other one I was trying to recall at the time I wrote the above:

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11 thoughts on “Looking for Vridar Blog Posts”

  1. Does any of this really come as a surprise? Anti-mythicists (and their related brethren) have always played dirty. My eyes were first opened to that sort of thing in the 1980s, when I read (an Australian author’s–can’t remember his name) “Telling Lies For God” exposing creationists for their tactics. We’ve seen more recent evidence of the same kind of thing on Wikipedia, and of course from Bart Ehrman and the Cakemix. And I guess WordPress has also revealed its true colors, jumping at the chance offered them by Bully Joel.

      1. Yes, Pilmer turned out to be a disappointment for me. I had been expecting to do a Vridar post on something from his book till I read it only to find he was not completely accurate with some of the God squad’s arguments himself.

    1. Speaking of peevish little boys, did you see Joel Watts’s latest grammatical curiosity? He his most recent post is titled, “The Proper Use by Christians of Scripture.” Hilarious. Perhaps you should send him a pamphlet about how to use genitives properly.

    1. When I read your comment here I thought you may have been accessing cache — I didn’t dare look till I checked my email first. That’s when I saw the notice from Automattic Inc (the agents for WordPress in this matter) saying they had restored it in response to my DMCA counter-claim.

    1. Will add some more detail about the initial WordPress notice when I return home this coming weekend and after preparing my updated counter-claim.

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