Journey Free: education about religious harm and resources for recovery

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by Neil Godfrey

Journey-Free Facebook Page

From the page:

The Journey Free team is a group working to provide education about religious harm and resources for recovering from the effects of dogmatic religious indoctrination. Our office is based in the San Francisco Bay Area where Dr. Marlene Winell, our director, has a consulting practice; most of Journey Free’s recovery retreats are held in this region too.

Dr. Winell wrote the leading self-help book on recovering from religious harm after working in and researching the topic for more then 20 years. In 2011, she named Religious Trauma Syndrome or RTS a form of chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or “C-PTSD.”

Along with this website Journey Free’s support includes national and international group work via webinars and Skype as well as individual coaching or consulting appointments by telephone or Skype. We look forward to collaborating with you and providing services. We are committed to educating the public and the mental health community about Religious Trauma Syndrome. For more information about services, please go to journeyfree.org

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2 thoughts on “Journey Free: education about religious harm and resources for recovery”

    1. I’m on Marlene Winell’s mailing list so that’s how I heard of it.

      I first heard of Marlene Winell in the last century when she was interviewed on Australia’s “Radio National” program, “The Spirit of Things”. She was living in Australia at that time. Melbourne, I think. After that I contacted Marlene (I had only recently left a cult myself) and had hoped to arrange to have her visit Queensland, but it was not to be. I bought her book, Leaving the Fold, and found it most helpful for reshaping my own thinking about myself and others after the cult experience. I have posted a few times here on her book.

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