Revival Fellowship churches

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by Neil Godfrey

I’m interested in learning more about the Revival Fellowship churches. If anyone knows of any reliable sources of information its governance model, history, strategies and methods of promotion, conversion methods, personal experiences, please do respond here or, if you’d prefer, email me directly at neilgodfrey1 [AT] gmailDOTcom

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3 thoughts on “Revival Fellowship churches”

  1. I remember meeting several members of this church on the streets of Liverpool, England, in the early to mid-1990s. I was part of an Elim Pentecostal Church at the time, and we were evangelizing on the streets ourselves. The group seemed to have made a coordinated effort to turn up on that particular day to challenge us and proselytize among the same crowd. I believe the name of the church they gave was the Everton Revival Centre.

    Their main message was that you couldn’t know you were born again unless you spoke in tongues. They used John 3 quite a bit as their proof text, in particular “You hear its sound” (Jn 3:8) to prove that the evidence of rebirth was a “sound” (ie, tongues).

    1. Thanks. I’ll follow up their teaching on John 3:8. I’ll also try to find out if there’s any way of knowing their numbers worldwide. I’ve headd some disturbing reports about the destruction they appear to be weaking.

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