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by Neil Godfrey

I posted my Review parts 7 & 8 too soon. I have since added to the post a detailed discussion of what Xenophon was doing with his Cyrus figure: — specifically, I have added Tomas Hägg’s analysis that I think is correct: the work is not history even by ancient standards. I also think what Xenophon was doing with Cyrus the evangelists were doing with the Jesus figure, only in a different medium or genre.

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One more thing, on another matter:

If anyone has been getting spam emails that appear in some way to be related to having made a comment on Vridar please do let Tim or me know.

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4 thoughts on “update”

  1. Vridar has recently been targeted for some sort of spam attack. We are being hit with loads of spam that normally gets filtered out and I worry that sometimes when we delete all of that stuff it is easy to delete a legit comment caught up in it all.

    So if you think a comment has not got through for no good reason do let us know.

    We (Tim, the tech guy I mean) are trying to figure out how to at least cut off the spam going out to commenters. I don’t know what’s happened or why we are having this “spam attack” now.

    But if you do get spam that appears to be related to a vridar comment do please continue to either email Tim or me directly or simply add a comment here.

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