Jesus Loves Trump, (a man after his own heart)

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by Neil Godfrey

The Bible’s ethics are not for our time. They represent an age when policies like those of Trump’s “extreme vetting if immigrants” were whitewashed as inspirationally loving.

Take the “beautiful” and “touching” story of Ruth . . . .

The story of the Syrophoenician/Canaanite woman is akin to that of Ruth, which many scholars see as an example of Hebrew inclusiveness. However, Laura Donaldson, who identifies with Native American peoples in the United States, reads Ruth as a case where a woman must reject her Moabite identity and religion to be accepted into the Hebrew community. For Donaldson, Ruth’s story is not really about altruistic acceptance, but rather another story of cultural imperialism. Her study reveals that benign interpretations of cultural assimilation in the book of Ruth may reflect the privileged social position of Christian feminists who have not experienced forced assimilation and integration into another culture. Avalos, Hector, 2015. The Bad Jesus, p. 239

Similarly, as Avalos points out,

Jesus’ acceptance of the [Syrophoenician] woman was contingent on her declaring his dominion. She calls him “Lord, Son of David’ and repeats the title of “Lord” after he refuses to help her the first time. (p. 238)

To be welcomed into Jesus’ community a Canaanite must demonstrate “worshipful reverence” of the leader. The Canaanite woman is required to “adopt the cultural premises of Jesus.”

That’s the only way the aliens can become “good people”, “wonderful people”, “the best people”.




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5 thoughts on “Jesus Loves Trump, (a man after his own heart)”

  1. The Bible defines the original Nationalism and identity politics. Major empires stomped through Israel on their way to conquer other actually interesting territory. The way Israel compensated was to invent Nationalism, a unique God-chosen identity which had to be preserved at all costs for God because the God who selected it apparently could not do so. Something about iron chariots.

  2. i read this book
    in this book avalos says that jesus makes the woman BEG for a healing ,but acts promptly upon the centurions request.
    what is going on in the centurions story?
    this soldier was part of an empire which was exploiting the poor . clearly something is dodgy with including the centurions story .

  3. The woman acknowledges her place as a dog, which is the core of being Christian. “Yes, Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.”

    The centurion on the other hand makes it clear that he has authority over many men and therefore would abuse that authority to spread the faith. “I say to my servant, ‘Do this,’ and he does it.” This is the core of being a leader among Christians.

  4. Many dwell upon the teaching of Jesus to love one another but failing to notice that those teachings are applicable primarily to fellow-Christians. When Jesus rewards his saints for feeding him etc he explains that they were feeding those in whom Christ dwelt — fellow-Christians.

    The Gospel of John especially stresses the limited scope for love — it is only for “the brethren”.

    Sermon on the Mount does speak of following God in being kind and good to the just and unjust — just like a sound Stoic teaching of the day. That’s about the only place where the universal ethic is expressed, however.

    1. A female.dog is a bitch, if the woman admits to being a little bitch, then her and her little daughter are the bitches of the children. Avalos says that once the woman aknowledged being the bitch of israel she got what she.asked for. Jesus did nothing great by giving her what she begged for, this is what isaiah envisioned for the jewish people, they would have slaves whom they would control.

      If all christian women are bitches of jesus, then there place in the world is below the children.

      Jesus is not prince of peace . Jesus is not for equal rights.

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