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by Neil Godfrey

The English language edition of Jesus Mythicism: An Introduction [Kindle Edition] by Minas Papageorgiou is now available. It is a broad overview of a range of authors who have expressed arguments in support of the Christ Myth. The good, the bad and the ugly make their appearance, though Minas leaves it to readers to decide which is which, I believe. Even Vridar and yours truly are honoured with a mention.

And Richard Carrier’s tome on the historicity of Jesus is now available on audio for those who like to catch up when stuck in traffic jams or for those whose eyes don’t work as they should any more: On the Historicity of Jesus Now on Audio!

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  • Drudge16
    2015-03-31 13:11:48 UTC - 13:11 | Permalink

    Been reading Papageorgiou’s book. Poorly written and organised. Some good (although short) interviews.

    I’ve also been listening to Carrier’s book, while still in the process of reading it. Richard did a very good job as narrator, much better than on previous audiobooks, in similar fashion to his progression as a writer.

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