Theology and the Historical Jesus

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by Neil Godfrey

Peter Kirby has posted thoughts on the meaning of the question of the historical Jesus for Christian theology: see  Theology and the Historical Jesus. What he writes dovetails with recent posts here explaining why Thomas Brodie believes Christianity can and should thrive with a Jesus figure who stands beyond history. Peter shows Brodie is not alone in this view. He goes further, however, introducing readers to what the question means from different faith/theological perspectives.


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    Relevant to this, Robert Price has an article addressing this subject with respect to Paul Tillich:

    “So does the joke with which we began accurately depict Tillich’s opinion? In one way, no, for he obviously believed in the historical existence of Jesus. In another way, yes, since with Harvey’s correction of Tillich, Tillich’s thinking would be compatible with a denial of a historical Jesus (which some aver that in private he admitted).”


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