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by Neil Godfrey

One reader asked for an easier way to review the various posts on Thomas Brodie’s Beyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus: Memoir of a Discovery. So here it is. Posts directly dealing with a chapter by chapter overview of the book, those in the “Making of a Mythicist” series, are in bold font. Other posts in which the same book had a key focus are right-aligned. All are in chronological order of posting.

I have not included here several other posts on Brodie’s ideas that have been posted on this blog. These can be found through the “Index of Topics / Select a Category” button in the right hand margin.


“Jesus did not exist as an historical individual”: Beyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus

Quest for History: Rule One — from Brodie’s Beyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus

Mythicism and Positive Christianity

Thomas Brodie’s Review of Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist?

Sowing Doubt That An Emotional Paul Authored Galatians

What Did Luke’s Eyewitnesses See?

Questioning Paul’s Letters. Were they really “occasional”? Or rhetorical fictions?

The Inevitable Catches Up With Thomas L. Brodie

Thomas L. Brodie: Two Core Problems with Historical Jesus Arguments

What They Are Saying About The Brodie Affair

1. The Making of a Mythicist, Act 1, Scene 1 (Thomas Brodie’s Odyssey)


2. Making of a Mythicist, Act 1, Scene 2

McGrath’s Review of Brodie’s Memoir: Incompetent or Dishonest?

Ongoing Disregard for Facts and Denials of Old Criticisms (yes, McGrath again, sorry)

Brodie’s Argument that Jesus Never Existed

What Do We Mean by “Incompetent”?

Joel Watts Acclaims Thomas Brodie a Scholarly “Giant” and His Work “A Masterpiece”

3. Making of a Mythicist, Act 2, Scene 1 (Brodie’s Odyssey)


4. Making of a Mythicist, Act 2, Scene 2 (The Verdict Falls)


5. Making of a Mythicist, Act 2, Scene 3 (“That is an important thesis”)

Brodie’s Mythicist Case: The Facts

6. Making of a Mythicist, Act 3, Scene 1 (Too Strange!)

Thomas Brodie Illustrates The New Testament’s Dependence On the Old

Parallels, Drum Majorettes and Brodie

7. Making of a Mythicist, Act 3, Scene 2 (Discovering the Crucial Bridge) — With a note on “Parallelomania”


8. Making of a Mythicist, Act 3, Scene 3 (“It is original, but not off the wall”)


9. Making of a Mythicist, Act 3, Scene 4 (The Dominican Biblical Institute, and its Research)


10. Making of a Mythicist, Act 4, Scene 1 (“We need a gentle funeral”)


11. Making of a Mythicist, Act 4, Scene 2 (“What Is Rule One?”)


12. Making of a Mythicist, Act 4, Scene 3 (Deeps Below, Storms Ahead)


13. Making of a Mythicist, Act 4, Scene 4 (The Crumbling Evidence for Paul)


14. Making of a Mythicist, Act 4, Scene 5 (How Paul Was Made)


15. Making of a Mythicist, Act 4, Scene 6 (Two Key Problems with Historical Jesus Studies)


16. Making of a Mythicist — ch 17 . . . Unreliable Criteria


17. Making of a Mythicist — ch 17 . . . Did Jesus Model Himself on Elijah?


18. Making of a Mythicist — ch 17 . . . Was Jesus a Carpenter?


19. Making of a Mythicist — ch 17 . . . The Evidence of Josephus


20. Making of a Mythicist — ch 17 . . . Jesus in Greco-Roman Sources & General Conclusions


21. Making of a Mythicist, Act 5, Scene 1 (Explaining Christian Origins Without Jesus)


22. Making of a (Christian) Mythicist, Act 5, Scene 2 (Staying Christian With a Symbolic Jesus)


23. Making of a (Christian) Mythicist, Act 5, Scene 3 (What Christianity Can Mean If Jesus Did Not Exist)


24. Making of a (Christian) Mythicist, Act 5, Scene 4 (To Believe Or Not To Believe the Parable) — Conclusion

Theology and the Historical Jesus


  • pete
    2013-12-27 22:39:55 UTC - 22:39 | Permalink

    Thanks again for your work in this series. I just had the intuition that Brodie’s work is going to change the course of human history.

    I have been waiting along time to be exposed to research like Brodie’s; I knew that the term “Jesus Christ” was actually a title rather than
    someone’s common name. That is a very important distinction in context of the idea that the Gospels are simply a “mishnah” on the OT.
    Now when I hear Christians (myself being apostate) say ” I love Jesus”, I know that the actual meaning of that is; ” I love God’s Salvation”,
    and that the name “Jesus Christ” as “anointed savior” is just another title for a conception of divine power. Personally I wish to experience
    a spirituality which is more fluid and open than what the religion of my ancestors offers, but I don’t have a problem with Brodie’s attempt
    to work his research into his actual faith.

  • 2013-12-28 19:21:59 UTC - 19:21 | Permalink

    Thanks again for doing this incredible amount of work in espositing Thomas Brodie’s conclusions. Like Pete, I do think Fr. Brodie is going to change history; I, too, came across arguments that “Jesus Christ” is a title and not a proper name for an obscure Jewish man named Yeshua whose last name was Messiah. And I even found video testimony made in the late 1980s by an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who said Yeshua-Messiah was the name or title of the messianic personality of God (if only I hadn’t lost the bookmark!).

  • Felipe
    2014-01-05 00:46:28 UTC - 00:46 | Permalink

    Excellent. I was waiting for the whole series of articles to be over so I could read them like a book. Thank you very much.

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