Reviewing The Burial of Jesus

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by Neil Godfrey

Sabio Lantz is reviewing in detail The Burial of Jesus, by James McGrath. Because it sets out James’ approach to his historical method I have referred to it a few times (I also addressed its section on Joseph of Arimathea). See The Burial of Jesus: a review.

(I had overlooked that it is self-published. I wonder if McGrath has copped the same flack as Doherty has for “vanity publishing” one of his books.)

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One thought on “Reviewing The Burial of Jesus”

  1. @ Neil

    Thank you for the mention. It is a small, easy-to-read book and I hope to return to it soon to finish the review (I am easily distracted by the many books I read simultaneously — smile).

    I have never published a book (just medicine articles), so I am curious what pitfalls are felt to accompany self-publishing. It seems to me, as technology changes, this will start happening more — especially with e-readers. What is your opinion?

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