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by Neil Godfrey

Alexa rankings are listed here on the Free Old Testament Audio Website Blog.

Anyone interested can check out traffic and stats on any website at the Alexa site.

According to the demographics page of Alexa (searching by blog url), if you read this blog chances are you are

  • American
  • Either 35-44 or 55-64 years old
  • Male
  • Without children at home
  • Have a graduate education
  • And just as likely to be reading it at work as at home

But there’s also a chance you are Finnish, and a few with kids at home do get a tiny bit of time to read this.

And the “time on site” stats say you will average 19 and a half minutes on the site, the same time as the Mormons spend on the Joel Watts’ site 🙂

(Given the recent exchanges with James McGrath’s, maybe it is not out of place to note that readers of ExploringOurMatrix are far more likely to be between 45 and 54 years old, much more likely to be American — with a 0.8% likelihood you are from Singapore of all places, have children at home, and be reading his blog at work — but only for a minute with each visit. Well there ya go! We are from different planets 🙂

Not found in the Alexa data, but the one that I have to live with from my own stats, is that the most popular Vridar post of all continues to be my whimsical Venus of Willendorf resurrected 100 years that has attracted an embarrassing 11,612 visits since it appeared in August 2008.

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0 thoughts on “Biblioblogs again”

  1. @ Neil

    Congrats to you for being up there with John Loftus on the rankings in what use to be pretty exclusively only Christian Bible blogs. Alexa’s shortcomings are obvious because I just got included in the top 50 also. 😉 (sorry, little self-promoting)

    But in spite of the obvious huge shortcomings Alexa has, the ranking is a gateway for new readers to enjoy your fine site. Your site is a major source of looking at the Bible through secular eyes.

    Thanx again,

    — Sabio (“Triangulations)

  2. I know that your browser always transmits your operating system, your browser version, and of course your IP from which your location can be determined. But it doesn’t transmit your age, your education level, or how many kids you have, so how can Alexa know anything about that? Are the Alexa ratings perhaps only limited to people who have installed the Alexa toolbar? If so, only the hits by uneducated users will be logged since nobody with any computer knowledge will install toolbars in their browsers these days (if they’re sane).

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