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by Neil Godfrey

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Neil Godfrey

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7 thoughts on “Assange”

  1. Thank you Neil for helping bring attention to Julian Assange’s plight, a situation I feel very passionate about as Julian Assange suffers for heroically exposing the truth . I admire both Julian Burnside and Philip Adams and look forward to redaing Julian’s book.
    It disgusts me that we Australians care so little about Julian. Our governments both Liberal and Labour quake in their boots at the thought that we might lose favour with the US. We have an inferiority complex. Every one of us should be on the phone, on our email and writing hard-copy letters to our local members of federal parliament, the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Marise Payne) and the Prime Minister (Scott Morrison) to say “No!” to the US and insist on his release.
    Journalism is not a crime, but Julian is being punished for exposing US war crimes. Only when enough Australians care about the evil of the US military industrial regime will we all have a chance to slow its growth. The charges against Julian include espionage – assisting then Private Bradley Manning to take information from the US defence data base, commonly called hacking. As I understand it that’s the essence of the US’s case and apart from us demanding that Julian be freed from the torture of his inhumane confinement in Belmarsh, we can donate to Wikileaks should support his legal costs to defend that case.
    Last Friday afternoon 27/11/20 at Sydney Town Hall steps we heard from Julian’s dad and several others, including former Major David McBride and his lawyer about Julian’s plight, and David’s, another whistleblower for the more recent Afghan war crimes he reported committed by Australian soldiers. David is also facing life imprisonment if convicted. He needs our support too.
    All in the name of national security ! This is ridiculous and immoral in itself given that many of the laws that were enacted to address this concern are offshoots of the 911 fraud. I recommend the Q&A program in June this year featuring former Senator Nick Xenophon to learn about David’s case :
    Both David and Julian, along with Witness K and his lawyer Bernard Collaery who exposed the Australian government spying on East Timor are victims of our apathy. Sometimes I am ashamed to be Australian when we hide behind “national security” as our government hides behind the US military might.

  2. I was just about to mention consortiumnews.com, but Neil beat me to it.
    Joe Lauria and his contributors have done excellent work covering the Assange situation.

    Richard G.

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