Brother, Can You Spare a Dime (or a Buck)?

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by Neil Godfrey

Dear Vridarians,

Soon there will be a new button on the blog giving anyone so inclined to offer a small donation for the maintenance of this site. When we were on WordPress.com we learned that we were vulnerable to malicious DMCA complaints that could result in a third party shutting us down. Since then we have found our independence but at some cost.

In the grand scheme of things, the cost is not monumental but neither of us belongs to the affluent class, and the costs do add up. Just a couple of bucks here and there would help more than you know.

If by any chance we happen to collect a little more than we need, we might be able to use that excess to buy resources that we believe readers would be interested in reading about.

Best to all and thanks for reading Vridar,

Neil and Tim

P.S. We still refuse to take on advertisers, and we will never publish astroturf reviews.

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5 thoughts on “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime (or a Buck)?”

    1. You did, too, and thank you. I shared your email with Tim at the time but neither of us knew what to do with the idea then. When a minor crunch came I recalled your offer (and one or two similar offers we have had in the past) and so suggested to Tim we take this step now. We do appreciate your offer.

  1. Any thought to setting up a patreon account? That lets you set up a monthly donation, or a per-post donation. Doing it that way means you can count on a steady stream of money for upkeep, rather than sporadic donations.

    Lots of people might be happy to slide you $1/month there.

    1. Several reasons against, the main one being that Patreon has a history of being embroiled in the same sort of controversies about shutting down certain sites as we experienced with WordPress.

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