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by Neil Godfrey

Now this was brilliant news. Before we heard about anything else coming from New Zealand we were hearing of students striking to call on governments to take more serious action on climate change. Now that’s what education is supposed to be about. Educator John Dewey would have been thrilled. The education of the school kids would have been advanced further when they heard later government ministers expressing horror at what the students were doing, predicting the end of an educated society and consequent ruin of the nation if school children just decided to go out on strike every time they disliked something they thought the government was doing! What a laugh it was to listen to such nonsense from “responsible adults”.

Hope for the future! A “woke” generation arising!

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4 thoughts on “Brilliant News”

    1. Were you responding to something by Alf? I read one of Alf’s comments and decided to put everything from him in the spam bin — That may have jiggered up a few responses.

  1. Yep, … silly person.
    My place is suffering badly from climate change at the moment – and its not just a weather thing but a climate change trend – and I’m just a tad low on tolerance for denialists. We hit 50 degrees plus C a week or so ago.
    On the posted topic ..as a teacher for 30+ years I would be extremely proud to have kids like these in my class room. Really very very proud of them.
    Gives me hope. And, believe me, I need it.

  2. It has been a lot colder and it has been a lot warmer in the Anthropocene. I’ll hijack a red-top and say “Its The Sun Wot Dun it!”. We’ve survived climate “catastrophe” several times before; we will again. We most probably had nothing to do with previous global events and we have most probably pretty much nothing to do with current ones.

    We certainly aren’t responsible for the rest of the Solar System following the same warming trend. We are Das Ubermensch: more powerful than the stars themselves!/s

    Get a grip; we aren’t the Pinnacle of Creation, :-). If anything this thinking is the outcome of Christian zombie processes: a Secular Postchristian Apocalypticism. You are a former Doomsday Cultist, you ought to recognise the signs.

    Note that I don’t disagree we are poisoning the planet and inviting environmental catastrophe that we ARE the ultimate, as well as proximate, cause for. Much of that urgently needed amelioration will necessarily involve weaning ourselves of things purportedly culprits in the “AGW” scaremongering. I was against the Second Gulf War; however, if that had been undertaken to ensure Blair and 43 didn’t kill half to one million more children, etc. retaining a demecidal sanctions regime while actually cementing the tyranny as did their predecessors (Of the OTHER party, mind. Open goal, and they baloon it out of the stadium?)…

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