A Compassionate Nation

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by Neil Godfrey

New Zealand PM: We will Pay for Funeral Costs of Victims and Financially Support their Families

“We are very focused in ensuring you have the support that you need in the days and the weeks and the months that follow.

Many of those who have lost their lives will be the ones who will be bringing the income into their households. Many will have dependants and spouses. I want to give you assurance the through our system in New Zealand, through ACC, there is provision to provide for those families.

That provision exists regardless of the immigration status of those who have lost their lives and regardless of the immigration status of their loved ones. It includes the cost of burial. It includes support for lost income and that can last for not just months but it can last for years. So I give you that assurance”

In this image made from video, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, center, hugs and consoles a woman as she visited Kilbirnie Mosque to lay flowers among tributes to Christchurch attack victims, in Wellington, March 17, 2019. (TVNZ via AP) https://www.timesofisrael.com/new-zealand-pm-comforts-mourning-muslim-community-after-deadly-mosque-shooting/



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5 thoughts on “A Compassionate Nation”

  1. Bravo, N.Z. Wouldn`t get the present Australian Government helping victims of attacks. They are too busy screwing the unemployed, the aged, single mothers, carers of handicapped or disabled people. Shows how the compassion died in this country.

      1. Feb 2011


        “Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison has admitted he was “insensitive” to question the cost of funerals as families mourned for those lost in the Christmas Island shipwreck tragedy yesterday.

        The Opposition had attacked the Federal Government over its decision to fly 22 asylum seekers to Sydney for the funerals of eight people, including two babies, who died in the December shipwreck.”

        1. Note further that the article explains Scott Morrison’s gaffe: it was the timing of the comments that was the problem….

          “Timing in terms of comments is very important … the timing of my comments was insensitive and inappropriate.”

          . . . . assuming the article got the sentiment right.

  2. The shooter felt that Trump and his white supremacism had served, in part, as his model.

    On behalf of my fellow Americans, I apologize for the influence Donald J. Trump had in all this.

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