Good place to plant a bomb

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by Neil Godfrey

Heavy on my mind at the moment is the bombing at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok. Just pausing to put up a few photos and one video I took of the shrine when I was there two months ago on a family visit to Bangkok. No way of knowing who was responsible yet — I’d be surprised if it came from Redshirt activists from the rural and North region or from the Muslim separatists in the South; Thailand did return Uyghur refugees to China a month or so ago . . . Who knows. Horrific. These pictures were taken around middle of day. The bombing was in early evening when the site was much more crowded.





These details are superfluous, but for the record it’s a Hindu deity but the worshipers are mostly Buddhist.
Seven more pics and one video . . .







Video from inside the shrine area showing the Thai dancers accompanying the prayers of those who donated a small offering . . .

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2 thoughts on “Good place to plant a bomb”

  1. Heartbreaking. Thank you for the pictures of a stunningly beautiful shrine, in stark contrast to the ugliness of other human handiwork like bombs. God help us for what we’ve become, those of us who do such things, those of us who do little or nothing to address the hatreds that cause them to be done.

  2. In Thailand there are Muslims in the North and the South…there is trouble (separatists) in the South…but not in the North…
    In China there has been trouble with the Uyghur separatists…interestingly, the Chinese prefer to call them “terrorists” because they don’t want to inflame the other separatists movements in Taiwan and Tibet….on the other hand Xinjian territory shares borders with 5 Muslim countries and is a gateway to oil and gas pipelines and rescources into China….


    The Moro Separatists of the Philippines also have a similar issue (oil and gas)……

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