Christ Myth Theory Interview with David Fitzgerald and Neil Godfrey

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by Neil Godfrey

David Fitzgerald and Neil Godfrey discuss the Christ Myth Theory with Phil Robinson of Nuskeptix.


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3 thoughts on “Christ Myth Theory Interview with David Fitzgerald and Neil Godfrey”

  1. We are beginning to ask about the extent to which the Greeks may have influenced the New Testament. But who were the Greeks? What was their essence?

    Jacob Burckhardt, adopting the insight of his teacher Bockh, structured his teaching of the Greeks around the ground that “the Hellenes were more unhappy than most people think (in Heidegger, Parmenides lectures, 90; also cf. Heidegger, Basic Questions of Philosophy, 40).” A young Nietzsche attained an auditors transcript of this lecture by Burckhardt and, as Heidegger says, “cherished the manuscript as his most precious treasure (90).”

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