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by Neil Godfrey

About time I catch up with this blog again. Not feeling on top of things health wise lately and have not even read the comments here the last few days. Hopefully back into full swing again soon. Maybe even another post later this evening. Or maybe not quite so soon.


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8 thoughts on “About time”

  1. Get well first! Besides, I’ve been under the tyranny of the urgent lately (still am!) and have only just yesterday caught up to your latest posts, and the other blog contributors’ too.

  2. This is exciting news. Carrier posted it on his blog today:

    “The big news is that I’ve been asked by the Society of Biblical Literature (the largest academic society representing the field, of which I am a member) to present and defend the thesis of On the Historicity of Jesus at their Western Regional Conference at Azusa Pacific University next Monday (program here). Notably, Dennis McDonald’s fascinating Homeric emulation thesis will get the same treatment the morning of Monday March 9, and then mine that afternoon.

    Probably only members of the SBL can attend (only door registration is possible now anyway). And I doubt it will be recorded. But it will be an important milestone in the saga of mythicism. Even though I expect a hostile reception (they elected a Baptist minister to rebut–although someone thoroughly qualified, so it could be a measured response, or it could be not), the exposure will do good. More experts in the field will be confronted with the debate and made aware of the new stages in its development, and hear things they hadn’t heard before.

    I am entirely out of pocket for this one (registration and hotel), but it’s worthwhile. Anyone in the area who wants to go out for drinks Monday night to discuss the outcome, email me at rcarrier@infidels.org (I won’t necessarily reply, depending on how busy I am and what comes up, but it can’t hurt to ask me, since if you’d be interested, I might be available). The same goes for all the other events below: feel free to email me (or message me on Facebook) with your interest in finding out about hanging out afterward, and I’ll email you back if anything is in the works.”

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