Joel Watts, “Email Evidence” and Perjury: The Answers Are Beginning to Emerge

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by Neil Godfrey

Watch this space for a new post by Tim.

Meanwhile read Manoj Joseph’s recent comments.

On a related matter: Joel Watts has been writing quite a lot to portray WordPress.com through Automattic as diligently investigating the merit of his claim before posting a DMCA takedown notice. See Ugh – Once Again the DMCA and his various comments on James McGrath’s post, Vridar No Longer Available.

Well, if one reads the statement by Automattic that Joel has kindly posted for our benefit one can see that Automattic explained to Joel exactly what they checked. Read that second last one-sentence paragraph:


 That’s it. They explained to Joel that they had received his DMCA takedown notice and reviewed it for completeness.

It was the same when I submitted my counterclaim. I had to check off a whole lot of boxes confirming I had included everything in my statement that they required. They did not check my or Joel’s blog sites to see if my statement was true.

That is, Automattic at this stage does not investigate and confirm the validity of the claims. That is a later process and the responsibility of a court. Automattic’s job is to be sure that each party submits its sworn statements according to due process.

But there’s (much) more . . . . .

Automattic sent their takedown notice on basis of a sworn statement by Joel Watts that he had sent me a prior warning notice.

Joel has since published images of that supposed evidence.

But I have shown in an earlier post that the DMCA directive is that Joel had to leave a comment on my blogpost. So why did he not do that? Why did he choose to send an email to me instead?

For the complete answer to that, watch this space for a new post by Tim.

Meanwhile read Manoj Joseph’s recent comments.

His attempt to remove the CC notice on his blog after the fact is only the smaller half of what this cuddly conspirator appears to be capable of.



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  • Steven Carr
    2013-07-03 00:42:05 GMT+0000 - 00:42 | Permalink

    Is it just me or does Automaticc merely claim that they notified you (and or Tim) that access to the material had been removed, but would only send you the DMCA details after you requested them?

    • Neil Godfrey
      2013-07-03 02:35:18 GMT+0000 - 02:35 | Permalink

      I have since found out why the original DMCA notice eluded me — will explain all after Tim does his post.

      • Mark Erickson
        2013-07-03 21:58:15 GMT+0000 - 21:58 | Permalink

        Well, we’re waiting! (Caddyshack reference)

        • Neil Godfrey
          2013-07-03 22:58:10 GMT+0000 - 22:58 | Permalink

          Yeh, I owe it to everyone to explain in full. Am drafting an explanation now. Unfortunately I have had to travel interstate and am right now flat out doing maintenance work on my old house before returning to normal routine back home this coming weekend. Will then be more settled to complete the post if I can’t get it done before then.

        • Neil Godfrey
          2013-07-03 23:06:46 GMT+0000 - 23:06 | Permalink

          I should add that Automattic have advised me this morning that I am able to submit an amended or updated counter-claim. That will be taking first priority. I need to submit the new evidence that has come to light.

  • 2013-07-03 01:33:51 GMT+0000 - 01:33 | Permalink

    I’m not going to lie. I don’t hold in high regard the more abstract musings (whether historical or otherwise) of people who blatantly distort the facts of the present. It’s a pretty clear tell that the person isn’t really in the business of discerning the truth.

    • Neil Godfrey
      2013-07-03 02:38:20 GMT+0000 - 02:38 | Permalink

      Master Joel Watts is the fine Christian gentleman who has been telling the world I am a liar and he has his email evidence to prove it. . . . .

      How do we begin to comprehend a person like that? I thought it was the evil atheists who were supposed to do that sort of devious conspiratorial thing.

      I recently came across a link to a video interview with Joel. I didn’t watch it all, but I fast-forwarded it just enough to see that it really was “the” Joel Watts being interviewed. The little sound-grab I watched had him saying that he used to be scared of going to hell. If he is still the sort of person who can deliberately, knowingly, fabricate evidence to defame and in other ways harm another person then I wonder if, in his “alone moments”, he still fears he will go to hell. Or is his faith in the blood of Christ sufficient to give him licence to destroy “evil atheists” and/or “Christ-myth sympathizers” and/or anyone who dares show up his incompetence and fraudulence as a “public intellectual” regardless of the means?

      • Paul D.
        2013-07-04 01:12:40 GMT+0000 - 01:12 | Permalink

        Truly, the Holy Spirit always gives Joel the right words to say, just as promised in Luke 12:12. That must be how he so deftly evades the evidence. “What Creative Commons statement? I don’t see one.” “What fake email screenshot? It’s a Microsoft Exchange server glitch.” You can’t just come up with those on your own.

        • Steven Carr
          2013-07-04 03:45:44 GMT+0000 - 03:45 | Permalink

          Personally I still don’t see how a Microsoft Exchange server glitch can affect Gmail.

          Nor how it can turn off your wifi….

          • Paul D.
            2013-07-04 03:56:06 GMT+0000 - 03:56 | Permalink

            Or cause tomorrow’s email to arrive a day early. That sounds like a feature, not a bug!

  • Paul D.
    2013-07-03 03:20:26 GMT+0000 - 03:20 | Permalink

    See the ongoing discussion at Ian’s blog here: http://irrco.wordpress.com/2013/06/29/joel-watts-neil-godfrey-censorship-and-dishonesty/#comment-3952

    It looks like Watts never even sent you an email like he claimed to. His screenshot shows obvious signs that he tampered with the date settings on his Mac and created a fake email to take a screenshot of.

    • Paul D.
      2013-07-03 03:22:15 GMT+0000 - 03:22 | Permalink

      Never mind my last comment. That’s what you guys are already talking about. 🙂

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