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Outline of Roger Parvus’s posts on the letters of supposedly written by Ignatius

For those who have not had the time to read in full Roger Parvus’s posts so far about the identity of the author of the Ignatian letters I’m being kind and offering here a sketch outline of what he has written to date. Obviously this cannot cover the details and we know details are where devils and (surely) angels, too, are to be found.

Roger Parvus seeks to argue

(1) that the seven Ignatian letters that comprise the ‘middle recension’ were originally letters written by Peregrinus c. 145 CE,

(2) that he was an Apellean Christian i.e. a follower of the ex-Marcionite Apelles, and

(3) that later, towards the end of the second century, the letters were modified by a protoCatholic Christian.

Post One

Why the argument should not be dismissed out of hand

  • Others who have questioned the authenticity of the letters of Ignatius, and reasons
  • Others who have argued for a later than usual date for the letters, and reasons
  • Precursors of the theory set out by Roger Parvus: Daniel Voelter, Josephe Turmel, Alfred Loisy read more »

The 12 most read posts on Vridar

If “hits” are an indication of what posts others have found of most use or interest, then I can say that the following two tables list the dozen most useful or interesting posts I have done

  1. since late November 2006 when I started the Vridar blog;
  2. in the past 12 months.

The lists should help clarify the sort of blog this is and what its primary impact has been. read more »