Questionnaire for fellow sceptics, agnostics and atheists

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by Neil Godfrey

Some of us might be interested in assisting with a survey for a project aimed eventually at publishing a book for those who have “deconverted” and embraced an atheistic/agnostic outlook on life.

Rick Dean who embraces an atheist/naturalist worldview after having been a “believer” himself has put up a questionairre on the net and explains its purpose:

Teologye.com is a research tool and will evolve as projects develop and/or are completed.  I am currently researching and will be reporting on religious deconversions while focusing on the problems often faced by former believers during the process of “losing one’s faith”.

If, from an initial faith-based perspective, you have experienced a loss of faith or have reached the conclusion that the world around us was formed via natural processes instead of supernatural intervention I would very much like to hear from you.

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