Ten Beautiful Lies About Jesus – and another 2010 Mythicist Prize Result

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by Neil Godfrey

From The 2010 Mythicist Prize results on René Salm’s Mythicist Prize page.

Ten Beautiful Lies About Jesus by David Fitzgerald.

“Fitzgerald’s is possibly the best ‘capsule summary’ of the mythicist case I’ve ever encountered …within an interesting and accessible approach.”
—Earl Doherty

Fitzgerald’s conclusion:

If Jesus had been a real individual we have a thorny paradox. Either Jesus was a remarkable individual who did and said amazing things — and no one outside his cult noticed him for the rest of the century; or he didn’t — and yet right after his death tiny house communities appear scattered scattered across the empire that cannot agree about the most basic facts of his life. The truth is inescapable: there simply could never have been a historical Jesus.

The other is:

Peter McKenna (Liverpool, England), Honorable Mention: Jesus Nazoraios: hidden truths revealed?

This short essay reviews the linguistic issues surrounding the cognates Nazareth/Nazoraios/Nazarene. It attempts to show how the title ‘Nazoraion’ led to the name of Jesus’ New Testament hometown. McKenna touches upon lesser-known aspects of the problem including possible Mandaic and Gnostic roots, and offers an excellent bibliography.
—René Salm

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3 thoughts on “Ten Beautiful Lies About Jesus – and another 2010 Mythicist Prize Result”

  1. Click on ‘The importance of the importance of the historical Jesus” scroll to 13 comments. These comments constitute a different reconstruction of the Jesus tradition basedon extracts from the works of three of our longest standing critical historical NT sch
    olars. You just might find it to be of interest.

    1. Correction to the above Comment: For a reconstruction of the Jesus tradition
      Click on”The Importance of the Historical Jesus” – scroll to Comments. The first 13 contain the reconstruction, the remainder are related.
      This is in the form of a letter I mailed to R. Joseph Hoffmann about the Jesus Project. It is based largely on extracts from the works of three of our top longest standing Critical NT scholars. It just might be of interest.

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