Explaining the $50 fee & “The Real Jesus Challenge”

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by Neil Godfrey

I decided to go to the source to ask the reason for the $50 entry fee for the Historicist Prize  (The Jesus Challenge).

I was well aware I was only speculating when commenting on it recently, and others were speculating on it quite vacuously and even maliciously. So why not see what I could learn by checking the source for myself? I like doing stuff like that. I recommend the same for associate professors of religion.

Well, Rene Salm kindly responded, and explained:

  1. the sequence of events that led to the presentation,
  2. the reason for the $50 fee,
  3. and the whole point of the ironical situation of committed mythicists even offering a “historicist prize”

His email response, which I have reformatted, follows. Continue reading “Explaining the $50 fee & “The Real Jesus Challenge””