BRUNO BAUER: Criticism of the Gospels and History of their Origin – in English

I promised myself long ago that if I ever found software capable of reading and translating Old German fonts then my first priority would be to translate Bruno Bauer’s Kritik der Evangelien und Geschichte ihres Ursprungs = Critique of the Gospels and a History of their Origin.

Now if you do know of an already existing English translation of those three volumes please do be kind enough to let me know so I don’t waste any more time on this project.

Till then, using Kritik der Evangelien und Geschichte ihres Ursprungs. Volume 1 as my source, here is the first installment of that first volume which contains Books 1 and 2. It’s mostly machine translated but still quite readable, I think. If you would like to suggest smoother translations of any passages do leave a comment or email me. Thanks again.

Where there are footnotes I have coloured the row to make it easier to follow the page order in table format.

I’ll be adding more over the coming months and probably years if I am to complete all 3 volumes (=7 books). So check back from time to time in case there are updates.

First Book: The Fourth Gospel

Second Book: The Birth and Childhood of Jesus

Third Book: The Original Prehistory

Fourth Book: Public Activity of Jesus

Fifth Book: The Conclusion and Completion of Jesus’ Public Ministry.

First Section: The Elijah Deeds of Jesus

Second Section: The Explicit Revelation of Jesus as the Messiah

Third section: Jesus’ ministry in Jerusalem — pending, 4th Jan 2023



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