For My Dad and Mum: How Great Thou Art

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by Neil Godfrey

Allow me a moment’s indulgence. This was the favourite hymn of my father (he loved to sing) and was sung at his funeral too many years ago. It was also my mother’s favourite, and today we sang it at her funeral.

It leaves me teary.

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13 thoughts on “For My Dad and Mum: How Great Thou Art”

  1. Condolences to you and your family. I, too, have a few religious songs that I’m fond of and love the melodies. Religion is more than worshiping a god. Tradition is a large part of it and memories of youth and loved ones.

  2. Beautiful memories of your mother, that she humbled herself under the almighty power of God as she related to him. I too would treasure this Neil, had my mother believed.

  3. Neil, sincere condolences to you and your family. This powerful hymn is one of the all-time favorites. I hope its sweeping melody is bringing you comfort in fond memories.

  4. Condolences Neil,I have been a non believer for many years but All Things Bright And Beautiful and Silent Night still bring a huge lump in my throat and a tear to my eye.

  5. My sympathies, Neil.

    My Mum had “Gone Home” on her tombstone and we had “Wayfaring Stranger”, sung by Neko Case, at my brother’s funeral just before Xmas, plus Psalm 22/23. Both at my suggestion, which suprised everyone: I’m Anti-Theist and my brother Atheist. Strange what we default to for comfort at such times – but it seemed right.

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