Ladies Parking

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by Neil Godfrey

They do things differently in foreign countries, as I was reminded this evening shortly after landing in Bangkok, Thailand. I would be surprised if many immersed in Western ways would be familiar with an entire floor in a multi-storey carpark being reserved for females. (No, there’s no religious reason; Thailand is a Buddhist nation.)

Here’s a close-up:

Presumably it’s a space where women can feel safe from violent and rapacious men. We are warned in public announcements at airport railways stations not to touch any stray dogs here. Rabies being the reason. The parking floor is a depressing reminder that wild dogs aren’t the only threat.

Damn. It’s actually been a good day and I should have posted something more positive. Will try again tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Ladies Parking”

  1. You’ll find Ladies Parking in other countries too, such as Germany, China and Korea.
    What do these countrirs have in common that they implement this policy? I think it could be that they are governed by rather authoritarian regimes, that strive to manage their peoples lives in all aspects.

  2. Glad to hear you had a good day Neil, sure it’s not so good for the families of the 22 who died in Manchester.

    Still waiting for you to justify it with more of your apologetics.

      1. I’ve swung back to your overview / a of of terroristic Islam after a brief spell with S Harris…basically b/c of what you said above to kanootcha…presumably he would like to see the much vaunted trump wall built with bodies as bricks. Hate is not the answer.

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