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by Neil Godfrey

And it’s not even in the list of Top 50 as far as I can see. But it looks so good it could be thought to be a sibling of Vridar at its best.

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Is That in the Bible? Exploring the Judeo-Christian scriptures

Articles are well researched, attractively presented, informative, including recommended resources. Their author is

. . . Paul Davidson, a professional Japanese-English translator living and working in Japan. Paul also studies part-time in the Humanities program at the Open University of Japan, with a focus on language, archaeology, and Mediterranean history. At present, biblical studies is purely a personal interest of his.

Of particular interest to me:

  • a chart of the chronology of Syria 40 BCE to 70 CE
  • a list of “deliberate mistranslations in the NIV”
  • scholarly articles on
    • the Exodus and plagues of Egypt
    • a comparison between the genealogies of Jesus in Luke and Matthew
    • allusions to Epimenides in the New Testament
    • the Book of Enoch and background to certain NT epistles
    • layers of tradition behind the stories of the slaying of Goliath . . .

Paul has others on more current interests, too — such as Readers of the Lost Ark: Following the Literary Trail of an Ancient Religious Symbol

But when you visit Paul’s blog don’t forget Vridar still loves you so don’t desert her completely.

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8 thoughts on “One More Worthy Biblioblog”

  1. Thank you, Neil! I’ve learned that when Neil Godfrey has a recommendation, that is high praise indeed!
    P.S. And like we would ever desert Vridar…

  2. I’d like to plead the excuse of being a little tired but I know I probably would have made the error anyway. Actually I meant to write “and so desert her completely” (as a result of finding someone new) — but I know I’m always challenged when trying to reason with negatives.

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