Scientific Journal Publishes Research on Moses’ Stuttering

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by Neil Godfrey

I really thought this was an April Fools joke. For the benefit of anyone who is not a regular visitor to Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True blog this is a must read: Did Moses Stutter? A Scientific Investigation.

Looks like those theologian bible scholars are paving the way with their astonishingly progressive research tools and now even the scientific community owes them a debt in new advances in historical methodology. They have shown how historical research into biblical characters can even open up the way to diagnosing Moses’ speech difficulties and little tricks he used — by means of staff and song — to control them.

(I wonder if Dr McGrath will be embarrassed or proud.)

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0 thoughts on “Scientific Journal Publishes Research on Moses’ Stuttering”

  1. Absolutely mind boggling, flabbergasting.
    The raw material of comedy yet also thoroughly depressing in that it illustrates the mountain of hegemonic ignorance that confronts any attempt to bring reason and evidence to the study of the alleged historicity of religion.
    The entrenched power of the mindset created by nearly 2000 years of intellectual and emotional dominace.
    What hope mythicism when we have this sort of thing?

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