Acts of Mark now translated into English

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by Neil Godfrey

Earlier this month I posted notes from the Acts of Mark that René Salm had shared.

Since then René Salm has posted the first ever English translation of the Acts of Mark on his website. Translator is Dr Mark A. House.

See The Acts of Mark: Translation.

This is “a fairly literal translation, and so it may sound a bit rough – it is a provisional translation.

René has another page of notes discussion the background to his own interest in the Acts and comments on the translation itself.

See The Acts of Mark: Notes and Bibliography

Of particular interest is René’s discussion of the date of the text. What relevance could an ostensibly 5th century text have for mythicists or anyone interested in the origins of Christianity?

See The Acts of Mark: “What is the date of this text?”

There’s main gateway to these links is Rene’s resources for the study of Christian origins page which also leads to a summary of the Acts.

The same page contains a translation of part of a work by Ditlef Nielsen’s (1904 ) titled The Natsarene and Hidden Gnosis.

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  • pearl
    2012-02-15 01:56:31 GMT+0000 - 01:56 | Permalink

    Thank you for these links, Neil. I find Mark to be an enigma, and I hope René Salm and others continue the analysis of separate elements in the text in determining what “riders” originally accompanied Mark on the “bus”.

  • Roger Pearse
    2013-09-26 16:23:59 GMT+0000 - 16:23 | Permalink

    The translation has moved and is now here:


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