What sort of blog is Vridar?

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by Neil Godfrey

I have posted several times explaining what the purpose of this blog is and what my interests and motivations are. It is all there, including links to those posts, in my “About” page that I have updated today.


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0 thoughts on “What sort of blog is Vridar?”

  1. I’m reminded of the real reason US foreign policy is completely unhinged when it come to Cuba and the Castro Revolution. It isn’t the loss of private property that rightly belongs to rich white Americans or the subjugation of Cubans (since when would that ever matter?). It’s the presence of a viable economic alternative that’s the burr under the saddle for American administrations. Its continued existence implies that other nations in the region have a choice.

    Similarly, this explains the over-the-top response to the occasional mythicist posts here on Vridar. Your sin is presenting them without the requisite disdain and ridicule. You present Doherty as a viable alternative, and that, my friend, is a crime in NT studies. You imply that there’s a choice.

    1. That’s an interesting possibility. Someone emailed me this afternoon to tell me “they” had removed my blog from the “biblioblog” list altogether now. Funny how even when I was there, whenever anyone new made it to the top 10 there were congratulations all round — but for some reason there was deafening silence when I made it there, and even at one stage hit #5. Silence. Now expulsion from their club.

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