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by Neil Godfrey

Having been a Christian myself once or twice, it would be hypocritical of me to put down anyone for their religious beliefs. I have even posted a few nice-ish things recently and in the past about the relevance of religion for many people. But lest it be thought I’m going all marshmallowy on the topic, here are a couple of mundane tidbits that have recently come my way. It’s too easy to ridicule some things, so I really should just let them speak for themselves.

A few weeks ago I received this email from the developers of a new Christian website:

from: Alejandra Thomas <athomas@staff.salemwebnetwork.com>
subject: Your Invitation to Beta Launch of Jesus.org

Hello Neil,

After having read and followed your blog, I want to say that it is inspiring to see your passion for God’s Word and your desire to help others discover a deeper relationship with Christ. Your blog “Vridar” offers a very challenging and encouraging read with open, honest conversation.

I wanted to personally let you know that our team at Jesus.org has recently taken the private beta version of our new Jesus Q&A site live at Jesus.org and I want to invite you to explore! . . . .

To make these answers available we have assembled a group of respected pastors and scholars including Charles Stanley, Greg Laurie, and John Piper, to respond to some of the frequently asked questions about the work of Christ. . . . .

God bless you richly,

Allie Thomas

I like their emphasis on their “personal touch” and assurances of having followed my blog 🙂

Reminds me of all those anguished sweating personal prayers on TV for each individual viewer with “arthritis” or “money problems” out there in TV land.

I can never forget one Jehovah’s Witness guy who came to my door. As I was closing the door on him he uttered with some desperation that if I did not let him give me the gospel God was holding him responsible and he faced hellfire!

Now that’s a new twist on attempting to use the guilt-trip to win a convert!

Is it not interesting to see which bits of the Old Testament are declared “abolished” and which bits are still “valid”?

Food laws are abolished.

Sacrifices are abolished.

The Levitical priesthood is abolished.

But tithing? Well . . . . preachers do have to exemplify the blessings of a righteous lifestyle, do they not? Mustn’t be cruel and muzzle the poor old ox, you know.

Witches? They still have a bad press from the time the did burn them at the stake, so best wait for Christ to return so he can reinstitute that one and control any related media and PR issues.

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3 thoughts on “Christian crock”

  1. Yeah JW’s believe they have to give you “the message” or they have your blood on their hands. I think they pick this up from Paul somewhere or other.

    And yes you’re right in that this email does speak for itself and is quite shameful as it is self-evident they’re lying.

    I also agree with you re Old Testament, witches and tithing etc.

    So there you go, and I follow your blog for real, but am fairly new, about a month or so, ever since your “spat” with a Christian blogger and academic…

    1. Hi Stuart, and welcome. Yeh, you gotta watch those Christian academics. But some of them devilish angry atheist biblical scholars are even worse. Maybe they’re disturbed over career-choice and personal-identity conflicts. 😉

  2. Having been a Christian myself once or twice, it would be hypocritical of me to put down anyone for their religious beliefs.

    But those atheists who have never fooled around with religious folderol are perfectly within their rights to lay smack down on whomever they please, right?

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