Evolution is okay so long as there’s a little angel inside each gene

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by Neil Godfrey

Pope has finally almost caught up with Darwin (you can’t rush these things now) and says that it’s at last okay to believe in evolution as long as you also think that God is master geneticist making sure all the genes work out right along the way.

Of course, the Pope’s position on evolution is just like saying, Yep, the planets do revolve around the sun but we know God has assigned angels to sit on each one of them to make sure they keep perfectly balanced between laws of gravity and centrifugal force.

Or like a child being shown how a TV works with all its wiring and fancy materials but still believing there’s really a little man in there who makes it all work anyway.

And presumably all the failed evolutionary strands and mutations were the result of God giving out whatever a species or specimen had coming to it because of its sins.

Broad is the way that leads to extinction but narrow is the way that leads to life, and few there be who find it!

The Pope’s new position appears to be a concession to science, and from one perspective it is, but really it is a cop-out that tells believers to embrace yet one more contradictory double-bind in their faith-based rationalizations.

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