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A Ship of Adramyttium

Paul leaves for Rome initially in a ship from Adramyttium — a port city in the Troad, at the base Mount Ida, the gods’ grandstand from where they viewed the action of the Trojan war. This means that every “we” passage in Acts begins with a sea voyage associated with Troy. read more »

faith based “scholarship” — afterthought

faith-based scholarship? doesn’t that mean believing on faith, and then seeking the evidence to support that faith, which means the undermining of faith, because faith is only faith where there is no evidence? Or is it really just a game of “ha! ha! we got here first!” . . . read more »

Gallipoli and the Armenian Genocide

ABC’s RN had the good sense to play a repeat of a Hindsight program on Anzac Day — a lecture by Robert Manne disussing the direct link between Gallipoli and the Armenian Genocide. It’s talks like these that remind me why I’m an internationalist, not a nationalist.

No transcript or podcast of the talk, but in the same month as the original broadcast Manne had an article based on the talk published in The Monthly.

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