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Link fixed – Formal debate: The Historical Resurrection of Jesus?

Formal Debate “The Historical Resurrection of Jesus?”

“This thread is for the formal debate between Bible Defender and stevencarrwork. No other forum users are allowed to post in this thread, other than moderators or admins, until the formal debate is concluded.”

Digest parody: Gospel of Judas / Archer, Moloney

Loved this digest parody of the Archer – Moloney ‘Gospel of Judas’:

Check out John Crace’s “digested read” at the Guardian website.

gospel of judas / archer, moloney

The Guardian also has a more serious review here.

Formal Debate: The Historical Resurrection of Jesus? – Link fixed

At the Richard Dawkins website — started by Steven Carr. read more »

Character of the Pharisees – online sources

Harold Copping painting of Pharisee and PublicanPrevious post refers to post-war conflicts between Christians and Pharisees, and cites Morton Smith’s views that this rift lies behind the negative gospel depiction of the Pharisees. I’ve collected here some online articles, based on historical research, that indicate that the gospel’s negative view of the Pharisees is more polemical than historical fact. Historical evidence testifies to the Pharisees being quite popular among the wider public at the time of Jesus. This page is intended to be a companion to the previous post that cites historical evidence locating the Pharisees in Judea with only scant presence in Galilee. read more »