Yes, Vridar Was Hacked!

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by Tim Widowfield

As far as I can tell, the break-in was confined to a single author account. Thanks to David Fitzgerald for alerting Neil and me.

We seem to be back to normal. Let us know if you see anything odd!

widowfield [at] gmail [dot] com

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Tim Widowfield

Tim is a retired vagabond who lives with his wife and multiple cats in a 20-year-old motor home. To read more about Tim, see our About page.

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3 thoughts on “Yes, Vridar Was Hacked!”

  1. Perhaps a password guessing attack (there are a LOT of these going on, I get thousands of guesses per day across the sites I administer). You must not have any weak or potentially guessable passwords, this is how all the clients and friends I know who were hacked got in trouble. Install (e.g.) Wordfence and scan for malware in case anything nasty has been installed. Check for new users with admin access. Archive your recent backups.
    I was given a site to fix which redirected users to an ad platform only in certain circumstances, like when using an iphone, but then only sometimes, making it very hard to pin down.
    Hopefully the user compromised was not an admin, and then you are probably fine. If an admin user, then assume the worst.

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