The Earliest Resurrection Reports – Mark’s Report

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by Neil Godfrey

Another discovery of long-forgotten dabblings of mine, again from the 1990s when I was (a) sorting out my investigations into the biblical accounts of the resurrection with an interest in seeing how matching or contradictory they were; and (b) experimenting with new software I had purchased for my primitive Windows PC. They make me cringe now but they’re my history. Here is the first one.




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4 thoughts on “The Earliest Resurrection Reports – Mark’s Report”

  1. I knew it was older because there was no “Breaking News” flag anywhere! :o)

    This is a tried and true attempt to communicate, similar in many ways to Christian cartooning (Jack Chick, et. al.), nothing to be embarrassed about.

  2. It does not say that Jesus “rise from the dead”, only that he did arise (εγειρω). This could mean he was asleep or in a comatose state.

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