Travel Advisory

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by Neil Godfrey

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8 thoughts on “Travel Advisory”

  1. They left out that if they need health services, they will have to pay outrageously for that service as there is no national healthcare service. (Many Canadians have mentioned that this is a barrier to visiting the US, even though Canada has short-term health insurance plans available for travelers to purchase.

  2. We also hear monotonously frequent reports of police shooting people who pose no threat to them, including people who report crimes and ask for police assistance. Surely a failed state.

  3. This is an obvious anti-Trump propaganda. I really don’t understand those people who want the borders with Mexico Not respected. I would respect that if they were frank commies. But I know they are not. Go Trump, go!

    1. I really don’t understand

      • Clearly

      Who is paying a lower than fee market value price for the labor of economic immigrants/migrants, exploited by their undocumented status?

      Is it “commies”, or is it people that “want the borders with Mexico Not respected” to improve profits? Oh my, thinking makes my brain hurt, feels better not to. Go Trump, go!

  4. Good news doesn’t sell; many Westerners seem to hate their own culture; and the better things get, the more folk think it is worse and want the sky to fall in. Nowt so queer as folk.

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