Woe to those who love Jerusalem

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by Neil Godfrey

The idiot has tweeted:

I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In one sense, though, this is progress, if we are prepared to measure the pace of progress in generations rather than months or years.

It makes it all the more inevitable that one day Israel is going to have no option but to grant full citizenship and equal rights to all Arabs living in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza as part of a single nation. (Despite occasional meaningless echoes to the contrary, the two-state possibility is surely long dead.)

One day Israel is going to have to decide to become a “normal” democratic nation, not a racial one built on an unjust occupation. The wall will have to come down one day.



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16 thoughts on “Woe to those who love Jerusalem”

  1. I think joining Israel and the Palestinian territories together as one state will be the end of Judaism in that region. I think the same will happen to the Jews in that region as to the Serbs in Kosovo after the withdrawal of the Serbian army. Arabs have higher birthrates and they will be a clear majority within a few years. The hate towards Jews runs deep, and vice versa. The Hamas and other Islamic fundamentalists will win the elections and will be in charge of Israel.

    I hope something happens just like in Nortern Ireland. I have the impression that the mutual hate has faded away between the protestants and the catholics. Perhaps time will end the Israeli-Arab conflict.

    1. ‘There are minor issues like “right of return” and “repatriation of seized land” ‘

      Yes. Practically all the properties of Jews will be seized as it is considered to be stolen from the Arabs. The Jews will be kicked out and replaced by the influx of Arab refugees and their descendents who have been expelled from Israel.

      But, all this assumes the Jews and their powerful armies won’t fight back. I have to make the assumption that Israel has given up its army and its weapons under some kind of peace agreement under heavy pressure from the international community.

      1. I can’t see that happening. Israeli propaganda certainly would want us to have such fears, but that’s not what the Palestinians are saying, not even many of the influential members of Hamas.

      1. A return to the Ottoman empire?

        There is good news for Israeli settlers in the West Bank if Jews and Arabs truly live as equal citizens in a united Palestine. They may finally legally settle in the West Bank. The rest of the world can’t claim anymore that they are illegal occupiers there and that they should dismantle their settlements on the West Bank and leave. But that’s only for newly built settlements after the unification of course. I think the Arabs still want to confiscate Jewish property that was once stolen from the Arabs. Then the settlers will have to move out of their houses, and build new ones on the West Bank. If the Arabs allow that.

        I think the Arabs will expel all Jews if they have the chance. Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar told Hamas’s al-Aqsa TV that the Quran justifies expelling all Jews. He told it during the month of May 2017. He quoted the Quran: “And drive them out from wherever they have driven you out”

        The source is Memri TV and the Times of Israel:


      2. Interesting video, thanks.

        Striking to see that Jews were allowed to pray at the Western Wall while Jerusalem was controlled by the Ottoman empire. Only when Jordan annexed East Jerusalem (1948): “Israelis, irrespective of religion, were barred from entering the Old City and other holy sites. The Jewish Quarter and its ancient synagogues were systematically destroyed such as the Hurva Synagogue and gravestones from the Jewish Cemetery on the Mount of Olives were used to build latrines for Jordanian army barracks.” [Wikipedia].

        1. No doubt you have read Benny Morris’s account of that war in 1948: A History of the First Arab-Israeli War. London, Yale University Press, 2008. Surprisingly neither side emerged as innocents by the time the smoke had cleared. You’d think at least one side would maintain “purity of arms” in war:

          The Harel Brigade tried to break back in, but the attempts were poorly planned, undermanned, and half-hearted. Daily the Legion broadcast a demand to surrender, and by the end, most of the inhabitants were pressing the Haganah to accede. On 26-27 May, the Legionnaires took the Hurvat Israel (or “Hurva”) Synagogue, the quarter’s largest and most sacred building, and then, without reason, blew it up. “This affair will rankle for generations in the heart of world Jewry,” predicted one Foreign Office official.188

          The destruction of the synagogue shook Jewish morale.189 Jerusalem Haganah headquarters ordered the defenders to hold on “for a few more hours”—but was unable to mount a serious relief effort. Israeli historians would later charge Shaltiel with incompetence and even indifference. But West Jerusalem itself was under siege—the Legion had blocked the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem road at Latrun and Bab al-Wad—and he was extremely shorthanded. He understood that the quarter was a sideshow. And its anti- Zionist ultra-Orthodox inhabitants were not exactly the Haganah’s cup of tea.190 (p. 218)

          Do you ever read serious works on the other side of the story, Bob, or only Jewish propaganda?

  2. Even the Quran states that the land of Israel is bequeth’d to the childrin’v Israel – the jews.


    and http://www.adishakti.org/_/quran_explicitly_refers_to_the_return_of_the_jews_to_the_land_of_israel_before_the_last_judgment.htm

    Quran explicitly refers to the return of the Jews to the Land of Israel before the Last Judgment”

    “Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel was never abolished. Moreover, the Quran explicitly refers to the return of the Jews to the Land of Israel before the Last Judgment when it says in the Surah of the Children of Israel, verse 104:

    And thereafter We [God] said to the Children of Israel: ‘Dwell securely in the Promised Land. And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd.’

    ie it’s theirs till jujmunt day.

  3. Why do you guys spill so much ink on a subject that you know nothing about and have no understanding. You all think your so smart, but you refuse to simply read the Bible, Hebrew scriptures. The Hebrew scripture is simply the History of the children of Israel, it is their historical story with one caveat! It is the HIS-Story both of the past, the present and the future! Israel is the only Nation that the Creator has ever talked to and revealed himself to. There is no other Nation on this Earth that can make this statement.

    The sooner all the Nations stop fighting against Israel and sit down at the table to learn from them the sooner we will have Peace in this world. It will come! The question is; Do you want to go willingly to Jerusalem, or go kicking and screaming. BUT YOU WILL GO!

    1. No credulous view here. I’ve been engaging with Scholarship for 30 years. Since hanging around Vridar, I have learn many things, but one should not believe everything one reads. I have witnessed first hand what happens to people when they try to force their view on reality. Most people can’t see the forest for the trees.

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