Couchoud’s Creation of Christ: Full Text Now Available Online

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by Neil Godfrey

370bee6f5c943e1597730346151434d414f4541Thanks to Frank Zindler the full text of P.L. Couchoud’s Creation of Christ (translated by C. Bradlaugh Bonner, published 1939) is now available online.

Back in 2012 I posted outlines of Couchoud’s work here on Vridar. Since then Frank Zindler has digitised both volumes and made them available for public download.

For future reference the PDF files are on my vridar.info resources website under the heading: “The Creation of Christ: An Outline of the Beginnings of Christianity” by P. L. Couchoud.

You can also access them here:

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  • 2016-11-20 00:25:26 UTC - 00:25 | Permalink

    Gday Neil 🙂

    Thanks for that – very interesting what I’ve read so far …
    Looks like he supports late Gospels too.


  • Bob Moore
    2016-11-21 01:29:15 UTC - 01:29 | Permalink

    Thanks to everyone concerned for making this winning fluency available.

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